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 - The Occult Vs. Fashion, The Path To Success

The Occult Vs. Fashion, The Path To Success

The research made throughout this piece was executed with the intentions of and in efforts to explore the significance of taking an “interdisciplinary approach” when emerging into today’s global fashion marketplace. The interaction between the subject of fashion and the multitudes of different disciplines involved in this industry are discussed throughout this composition in great detail. Also, the research made here stresses over the need for emerging designers to build up their abilities to gain a competitive advantage over all their peers and achieve this idea of a comprehensive outlook on how these disciplines intermingle together in this newly modernized global arena. Similarly, one must grow to understand how foreign cultures and their economics as well as how their laws and businesses all have an influence on trends and today’s current fashion zeitgeist. Moreover, all of these ideas, as mentioned before, each play their own interdependent role on this grand stage and once one begins to recognize these concepts; they will then become best fit in terms of becoming a leader in this industry for they will have the ability to implement the sustainable solutions into any given context as they pertain to not only fashion but also the new generation of the industry!


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